Our Curriculum

A meaningful preschool experience incorporates a combination of academic, social and interpersonal skills that will become the building blocks for their future in education.

For an inside look into what your child will be doing at preschool, please read Overview of a 3-Year-Old Day 
Overview of a 4-Year-Old Day

To learn about participating in your child's education, please read Working in the Classroom.

For the complete guide for all things preschool, including policies and procedures, please read our Parent Handbook.

At Freeland Cooperative Preschool your children will explore and learn:

Learning Behaviors

Fostering a positive learning attitude and a good self image is a top priority. Children learn to share, cooperate, and interact with other children and parents in their class.

Language Arts

Children will learn the alphabet (upper/lower case), numbers, shapes, and colors. We encourage a love of reading and writing through drawing and words. They will also have adults reading to them and encouraging them to retell stories.

Social Studies

Throughout the year we discuss family units and where children fit in their society as well as the difference between their wants and their needs. They also learn their responsibilities as a member of a family and as a friend in the classroom.


Our science units include nature, weather, seasons, water, space, senses, animals, and more. Each child will have hands on activities to help them discover more about the world in which they live.


Children will learn to recognize numerals, match numerals, count forward and backwards, compare measurements of like and unlike items. Your child will be introduced to sorting, sequencing, and patterning…all through hands-on activities.

Physical Development

We encourage each child’s natural physical development. Activities include a monthly gymnastics program, outdoor recess, skipping, running, and jumping for large motor skills. Small and fine motor skills are developed through the use of pencils, crayons, paints, scissors and other activities.

We also visit Mid Michigan Gymnastics once a month for an hour-long session of fun and fitness.


Children are encouraged to use their imagination, express their feelings and emotions. Your child will work with paints, clay, sensory tables, and different texture mediums to promote creativity. Music, dance, songs, rhythm, and instruments are also introduced throughout the year.


Children will have access to computers and various educational software designed to enhance letter, numeral, and shape recognition in addition to early reading skills and much more. Microscopes, scales, measuring cups, and measuring tapes are also introduced.

Field Trips

Field trips are scheduled throughout the year and are often a highlight of a child’s preschool experience. Because we are a cooperative preschool, transportation and parent supervision are required on these trips.





"Childhood learning is considered a journey, not a race..."

Physical Development